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About Us


Amrita Builders is the leading construction company in Kerala. It was launched in the year 1992 by  K Babumon with his commitment and hard work as capital.  It was formed as a company that excels in quality and customer satisfaction by taking up the construction of small commercial buildings and budget houses with an area of 400 to 500 sq. ft. in the beginning.  The company operated with thin profit margins to keep the customer happy.  But the name that the company earned in the industry circles as a serious, long-term player helped it to win some key projects, especially after it took its key business decision to expand to the Kochi market.   It was a time when Kochi was experiencing a fresh wave of industrial investment. Though many new projects were coming up, the market was highly competitive.


Amrita Builders achieved its first breakthrough when the AVT Group selected it for its project at Aluva, Kerala.   After the successful completion of this, all the projects of AVT Group at Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu were done by  Babumon,  an excellent testimony to the confidence he had created in the minds of clients through his expertise. The company was also successful in getting the contract of the Eastern Group. Apart from them, today, the company’s client list includes major names like  Tata, Spices Board, Federal  Bank, Kerala Minerals & Metals Ltd.(KMML), OLAM International, Akay group Dubai, etc... 

If the growth achieved by Amrita Builders in the last decade has been phenomenal, Babumon attributes it to his success mantra – hard work and commitment, and concern for customer satisfaction. He believes that there are no shortcuts to success,  he personally surveys the work in all important sites.  The company has been able to complete many projects ahead of schedule for its leading customers. After establishing itself as a major player in the development of commercial buildings, Amrita Builders has now operated in residential project development also. The company has 75 % of its projects in the commercial development space and the remaining in the field of residential construction. 

The firm gives priority to ethics, trust, and client satisfaction. Using state-of-the-art construction techniques and equipment, the firm has earned a dominating reputation as one of the most professional contractors in the industry. The firm has set high standards for everything and has a reputation for providing lasting value for the customers. Amrita Builders have a highly experienced and professional management team and deliver first-class projects across India for both public and private sector clients. 

Babumon considers that his ability to complete work at record time as his main achievement in his career. For example, the company was able to complete the 40,000 sq. ft. project of AVT within 100 days period. Similarly, the company could finish a 1 lakh sq. ft. space in 8 months. This has helped the company to save costs for its clients. Last year for AVT Natural Products Ltd. at Tiptur, Bangalore the company newly constructed roads and various buildings for factory,  Office, Utility, FGS, Boiler, ETP, and Substation building all-around 1 lakh sq. ft. built-up area and project worth 20 crores. Putting together a system of work scheduling and planning to cut time and costs have been a major differentiator for Amrita Builders to overcome competition. Though construction is a highly competitive field, the company has been able to make a mark and win new clients.

The company has won several awards for its new business innovation and ideas. Babumon has won several awards and recognitions from AVT and other companies. He has even won National awards for completing projects in record time.  In 2010, Babumon received the National award from the Prime Minister for Outstanding Contribution to National Development. He received the award at a function held in New Delhi.  Babumon was also honored with the prestigious award "PROPERTY ICONS AWARD 2018" a first-of-its-kind initiative by The Times Group from the Honorable  Governor of  Kerala & former Chief Justice of India Shri. P Sathasivam in recognition of his outstanding contribution towards the growth of Kerala at Taj Vivanta, Trivandrum.

Now the project that Babumon has currently taken up is not related to his business life or personal life. As a Rotary Club member, he is actively engaged in the project to construct 1000 houses for the poor people in the state.  Of this 300 houses will be newly built houses while the remaining ones are being renovated. Though it is not part of the state Government project to give houses for all, it will support the development initiative of the government. For the promoter of Amrita Builders, a company that came up by building budget homes, there cannot be a better way to contribute to the betterment of the society





K Babumon launched Amrita Builders at the very young age of 21. K Babumon began his entrepreneurship at the young age of 21 in 1993.  Responsibilities hoarded on his shoulders at a very young age after the demise of his father. He took up small jobs in various construction sites and gradually established his own company, Amrita Builders. 

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