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K Babumon & Beena babu Amrita Builders
K Babumon & Beena babu Amrita Builders

K Babumon launched Amrita Builders at the very young age of 21 in 1993.  Responsibilities hoarded on his shoulders at a very young age after the demise of his father. He took up small jobs in various construction sites and gradually established his own company, Amrita Builders. The main thrust of the company was to help the poor section of the society who cannot afford the increasing cost of the construction. Therefore, importance was given to low-cost buildings for the poor.

Till today, Amrita Builders under his Supervision has completed more than 1 Crore sq. ft.  of built-up area Worldwide, like Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Malaysia, and also in Dubai. Apart from these, the Concern has completed various projects on behalf of MNCs like AVT, Eastern, Tata, Spices Board, OLAM International, Akay group Dubai, etc. The entire work was completed on a timely basis and the Company especially Babumon has received many commendations and Awards in this respect.

Coming from a very humble background, Babumon always found his way back to his roots and helped the impoverished. He is very active in his Philanthropist activities. As a Rotary Club member, he is actively engaged in the project to construct 1000 houses for the poor people in the state.  Of this 300 houses will be newly built houses while the remaining ones are being renovated. Though it is not part of the state Government project to give houses for all, it will support the development initiative of the government. For the promoter of Amrita Builders, a company that came up by building budget homes, there cannot be a better way to contribute to the betterment of society!

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K Babumon & Beena babu Amrita Builders
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